Nam Spiritus Ludum (For The Spirit Of The Game) -V0id Motto

V0id is a gaming community founded in 2020 the principle that gaming is a welcoming, competitive, and cooperative experience regardless of differences. This principle to this day is at the foundation of what we do.

“Every age has its storytelling form, and video gaming is a huge part of our culture. You can ignore or embrace video games and imbue them with the best artistic quality. People are enthralled with video games in the same way as other people love the cinema or theatre.”

-Andy Serkis

V0id is a firm believer that gaming is much more then simply sitting down and moving a controller around for a few hours. We believe gaming is a connective experience allowing people across countries and across the world to connect and take place in a shared experience. Never in any point in human history are people able to connect the way they can through online play and V0id firmly believes in embodying that spirit.

Since its inception, V0id has strived to pave the way for how communities should operate in pursuit of this goal, many of our members come from communities who’s leadership has failed to address inactivity and advance the community in any meaningful way while still demanding member loyalty and requirements to both become a member and remain a member. This is why V0id caters to different playstyles whether you are someone who plays once a month or practices daily with a dream to go to professional esports. Through both not having join requirements (aside from the interest in gaming) and providing plenty of paths through our V0id Esports (VES) Program and challenge based promotion structure we offer members a lot of flexibility to progress and cater to their particular style of play.

Copper V, The first rank V0id members can achieve in our Challenge based promotion system.
Diamond I, One of the highest ranks V0id members can achieve in our Challenge based promotion system.

In V0id, our members progress along a linear rank structure, much in the same ways you earn achievements and ranks in games so to can you earn rank in V0id. The difference is how you earn it, because just like achievements, there are particular tasks called “V0id Challenges” that you can complete to progress in rank faster, the more you complete, the higher and faster you promote. Challenges tend to be issued on a game to game basis and typically vary in difficulty. This encourages members to both be active and compete to who can complete the most challenges, promotions are likewise rewarded for merit as well.

“If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself”

Henry Ford

As much as competition and individual expression is at the core of what we do, at the end of the day it wouldn’t be much of a gaming community unless we strived for stories of group success as well as individual success stories.

To this end, V0id uses a system to group likeminded players together, when you join V0id, you will interview with a senior member and that member will bring you around and show you different groups, this is so you don’t feel overwhelmed at first and can enjoy your first week in V0id instead of worrying where to start.

When this week is up, you will have the chance to join what we call a Squad, Squads are small groups of 5-20 members who routinely play together on the same game or games. These “Squads” tend to form when a number of players get together and function more as clubs, this is so members can always be together and able to match up with like minded individuals. Likewise, these Squads are allowed to have their own names and even their own logos so they can set a shared group identity. Squads are encouraged to play and compete together as well as celebrate and help members during their time in V0id.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Helen Keller

In V0id, we understand it can be hard to play a game and find things to do after a while. To this end we not only offer a competitive and dynamic rank structure or a group system that throws you into the action with your peers. But we also routinely plan events. These events range from simple get togethers to full tournaments. Through our Clan Activity Department we make sure each event and opportunity is both unique in its concept and challenging in its approach so there is never a dull moment in V0id, below are some of the things are dedicated team does…

-Set challenges for promotion.

-Plan events and tournaments to test both group dynamic and individual ability.

-Ensure members always have something to do regardless of the game or platform.

“Safety should never be a priority, it should be a precondition.”

Paul ONeill

In V0id, as much as we want to believe everyone is committed to the same vision we are we understand that online safety is a concern not just for our community but each individual member as well. To this end we ensure that we have a dedicated Internal Affairs Department to address these security concerns so members can feel safe and confident and enjoy their time in V0id instead of worrying about a ever evolving cyber threat present in online play, below is what our Internal Affairs team does to ensure this..

-We rigorously train our Moderators to not only identify threats in live time as they happen but to act as a preventative and mediatory force.

-Uphold and hold members accountable to a strict Code Of Conduct to ensure the fair treatment of all V0id members and mediate when conflict arises.

-Work to identify cases of cheating and actively work to punish those cheaters to ensure fair competition.

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